Wanna get in touch with me?

If you want to post a comment on my public message board, sorry - you are in the wrong place. Please go to the board section.

To send a private email message to me, please choose one of these forms:

   If you need more information about my show, or an option.

   If there is something wrong with my web site.

   If you'd like to send me any other or general message.

You can also send me an email with your own email program. Please send it to:


If you want it short or fast, use the -free- SMS form.
Messages usually reach me in 1 - 60 minutes ... ;-) Well ... if my phone is switched on ...

   SMS to SuperFrank.

Of course, the 'old-fashioned' way is possible too:
  Telephone:     ... please, not too early and not too late ... ;-)
NOTE: This is a landline, NOT a cell phone!
  Mobile:   Sorry, my cell phone number is only for family and friends.

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